Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The End is Near!

With the year winding down, it is about time to look at my resolution list for this year to see what I have done and what got skipped.  Overall I believe I had a good year with painting 99 infantry models, 7 vehicles, and 5 monsters. Not bad but how much of that was what was promised? Let's break it down.

The Mecanicus

I have added to my army a tech-priest dominus, 6 destroyers, 11 vanguard, 1 infiltrator princeps, a datasmith, a ranger, 2 ironstriders, a dunecrawler, and 2 robots.  My army has come a long way.  The next step will be getting some ruststalkers and expanding the cult side of the force.  This was a major focus this year.  It allowed me to quickly build up this force and I was able to take it to a tournament.  Resolution Completed!

The Tau

With the focus on the Skitarii I didn't leave myself much time on building out my Tau force.  I still plan on getting a ghostkeel but it is pretty low on my priority list. There was a point this year when I wanted to play one of my seldom used armies. I chose the Necrons so the maybe next year will be the Tau's year.  Resolution failed.

 The Tyranids


 I completed building the tyrranocyte and some of the guants that I wanted to do this year but failed to complete all of the mucolids and shrikes that I wanted. Instead I added a mawloc and a tyrant so I feel that is a decent trade off.  There was no new big tyranid which made me sad but I did start a cult army. Resolution completed.

 The Orks


 Once again the stompa got ignored.  I am going to be using him early next year so maybe it will motivate me to finish him off. I also wanted to finish the flash gitz but got distracted with the lootas.  Lastly I didn't get around to finishing the mek guns or bikes.  The flash gitz are waiting for me on my table but my cult and skitarii call my name louder. Resolution failed.

 The Second Game


So this year I wanted to start up a second game.  Something to distract me when I want a change of pace.  This didn't happen.  I did support a kickstarter for a boardgame but that is not due until sometime in February. What I did do was start The Great Terrain Project of 2016.  This project consists of 10 buildings and 9 addon on pieces.  

While I will not have them all painted this year I will have them all assembled and I consider that an accomplishment.  I also built up 2 hills that I donated to our meetup group.  So while I didn't start up a new game I did find something to distract me for that change of pace.  I am counting that as a resolution completed.

 The Extras

Throughout the year I added several things to my completed list that were not accounted for on the resolution page.  Knowing how I am a hobby butterfly, I know how easily I can be distracted by something new and shiny. I painted up some guard heavy weapon teams and a manticore tank but the army that got the most unexpected love were my Necrons. 


Taking them to the Nova Open gave me an itch to work on the neglected models.  In that time I completed 4 wraiths, 5 tomb blades, 10 deathmarks, and 8 lychguard.  Since then I completed 4 destroyers, 1 destroyer lord and 5 pretorians.  Eventually I will want to finish up the destroyers.  I also have a project for building 20 flayed ones.  These can go one next years list.
There you have it.  Overall I am about 50-50 on my resolutions.  I never consider these resolutions as things I must do but more as suggestions of things I would like to do.  I am amazed on how much I got done and I am already gearing up for a big year next year.  Looking ahead I see the genestealer cult, the sisters of battle, rail raiders and more all coming down the pipe.  It was a fun one and next year looks like a hoot as well.
Questions? Commments? How do you think I did?