Monday, December 19, 2016

Showcase: Genestealer cult

Over the weekend I had some time to set up my light box so I went back and took some better pictures of the aberrant and patriarch. I also finished two metamorphs and my first acolyte. lets take a look.

With the light box and my wife's phone I finally took a nice clear picture with less glare. Looking at the model I am wondering if I should paint the spine a different color.  I was thinking dark blue like the rest of the transforming parts, but usually these spines are green on my tyranids.  It is still up in the air.

I am still not sold on these guys in game.  They are slow and vulnerable.  They can pack a punch if they get into combat so I will keep them around for when I summon units. This will save more room in my list for more versatile options.

Next up in my patriarch.

Next up we have my first acolyte.  these guys have less mutations that the metamorphs so I decide to paint him similar to the primus.  I painted its legs and rending claws the darker blue while normal arms and face the lighter blue.  With this style, it will be easier to distinguish between the two types while playing making it easier for me and my opponent.

My first metamorph is the leader. He has four arms one of them being a lictor arm.  There was so much details on his head. I might go back and paint up the ridge green. I like the extra little detail of the guard head on the base.

My last one is the metamorph with the crushing claw.  I lost some of the images to the warp before posting.  I am happy with how he turned out.

What do you think?  Does my scheme make sense? Should I paint the spine of the aberrants? What color should it be?

Questions? Comments? For the four armed emperor?