Friday, December 16, 2016

TGTP2016: Build is finished

With the wife out of town for a couple of days, I had a couple of evenings to myself to watch hockey and build up some terrain. I assembled all my kickstarter bundle from Death Ray Designs.
I found the pillboxes, barracks and Foundry really easy to assemble. The HQ was not too difficult but the bunkers had some complication.

I had to break out the hot glue to secure the bottoms of the walls together. once anchored the rest of the assembly went easily.

I was hoping these would be a little taller.  This will block tanks and infantry but as you can see most monster will be able to look over most of this terrain.

The one exception is the foundry. That is a massive breadbox.  It even hides the knight.

I have started to paint up some of the pieces.  I did a test earlier with grey and leadbelcher but I think I like the copper look better. Next nice day I will try to get the rest of the pieces base coated.  Things are coming along nicely.

I think this set will fill a board decently.  I will probably want to create some forests and some ruins to round out the table. Sometime I will pick up a game mat and my table will be complete.  With this I can have a friend over and not feel bad for not having some decent terrain.

The biggest complaint I have about these pieces is the detail cards.  I tried to use a variety of glues but I could not fine one that prevented them from curling away from the other pieces. I am not sure if there is a right way or wrong way to adding these but I obviously couldn't figure it out.  Maybe my technique of gluing it down then holding it for 4-5 min is the right one.

I am really happy with the over all effect.  I found these to be an affordable way to get a table's worth of terrain together. What do you think?

Questions? Comments? Hobby times?