Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Changes to the Blog

I have made a few changes to my blog.  Some of the changes are for my benefit and some are just some updates.  One I am hoping is an improvement for my small community.

First up is I have added Disqus as my comment content.  I have noticed most other blogs I read use Disqus so this way people can use their accounts to comment. I am hoping people will be ok with this change.  It would be nice if it is a welcome change.

Next up, with the resolution post, I have cleared out my to do list and the completed list.  Look for their replacement next year after my resolution post.

Lastly,  I have added the Risen from the shadows section.  This section is for me to track my Genestealer Cult progress.  The completed throng will hold an account of models that are painted.  The grey horde are the models I own but are not completed.  The last one, future recruits, are the models I plan on getting to complete my army.  That is a ton of Acolytes!

Let me know what you guys think.  Can you think of a new name for the recruits?  Do you like or hate Disqus?  Is there something else you would like to see?