Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hobby Time: Magnetizine the Onager Dunecrawler.

This weekend Atom James requested to see how I magnetized my Onager Dunecrawler.  While, how I did it my not have been pretty or even the best way to do it, I believe that it looks decent and they stay together pretty well.

So, there are three parts to the weapon system on the Onager. There is the guns, the outside assembly and the connection piece. Sorry for the poor pictures they are already painted and my phone just didn't do a good job getting the details.

The Guns

The Dunecrawler can be fielded with four guns.Since I figured that I would never use the heavy Phosphor blaster, I built the eradication beamer, the autocannons and the Neutron cannon.  The kit has enough pieces that you can build all the ones I wanted. If I wanted to build the blaster I could hve magnetized the autocannons and made those swappable as well. After I assembled the guns, I got ready to magnetize them.

On the back where there is a groove I glued in two 3mm by 1mm magnets in the corners of the groves.  I then added in some green stuff to hold them in. I left a gap in the middle for the magnet from the connection piece to fit in.

The Connection Piece

The middle piece was a bit trickier that then guns.  I trimmed off the tab that is supposed to go inside the groove in the gun. Then I glued a magnet in the center of where that tab was.
I find the side attraction was enough to hold the guns in place and the shape of the pieces hold it straight.  I didn't have access to my drill. Next time, since I found it, I think I might try drilling into the connector and adding 2 magnets in the connector to create a stronger hold for the gun. 

On the outside of the connector piece either a decoration piece or a missile launcher completes the gun assembly.  To hold this on I glued in a washer so my magnets have something to hold on to.

The Outside Assembly

To connect to that washer I decided to add two magnets, on the top and bottom to hold the outside assembly to the main gun assembly.  There is already a notch on the bottom of the pieces I just widened it a bit so my magnet can sit flush.

Next, I Cut a notch on the opposite side.  Then using green stuff as support I glued in my magnets and let it dry.

Everything goes together pretty well and the assembly doesn't fall apart when I move it around.

I am very happy with the finished product unlike my Leman Russ sponsons.  They fall off evertime I move it.

Now that I found my drill, maybe I should fix those....  sigh another project to add to the pile. >_<

I hope this tutorial helps you guys.  I am not the most elegant of hobbier I think that is why I play orks. The main point is: If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Questions? Comments?  Hobby fun time?