Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WIP: Kustom Grot Mega Tank

After having some success with my grot tanks it was suggested that I get the Mega Tank.  While I don't have the cash for a real one I thought I might be able to make one.

I did some research on the web and figure it was about as big as a battlewagon. It also has 3 turrets down the center and at least one on each side
I started with a model tank chassis.  I had an old engine bit that seamed to fit right in the chassis.  I then started to build out the foundation. I also took a shot a a turret.

On the actual model the side turrets hang out over the tracks while the rear on hangs over the engine
Here U got the plow assembled.  I plan even out the top a little more as well as add more detail.
So fare it is feeling more like a train that a boat but I am happy with it.  As I do more detailing and add in the turrets I think it will be a formidable thing to behold.  I think I am getting better with the plasticard.  I am not the most graceful but then again it is a grot vehicle.

As the build goes on, I will post more picture.