Friday, June 26, 2015

The end of forgeword in regular 40k?

Forgeworld models can bring a lot to a game of 40k.  From fluffy fun like grot tanks to the more powerful units like the sicaran battle tank, most of these rules are found in forge world own books.  While some might have their very own dataslate most just take a slot in the normal force org of a different codex.

This is where the problem come in.  If you use the new spiffy multi-formation formation (decurion, Demi, Warhost) there will not be a spot for all the cool forge world toys.  I don't have the knight codex but I am not even sure if the cool forge world knights are eligible to play with their GW brothers.
I can understand that you could take a simple ally detachment or an additional combined arms detachment but that means you have to take more points  to play that cool model and they won't get the cool rules like everyone else.  This cool model tax is can be pretty big.

I am wondering if this will stop people from bringing the cool stuff. Will I bring my grot tanks if I have to bring some boys and an HQ with out the new spiffy rules (assuming they get them) Or would I bring the tau commander SHAS'O R'ALAI or new riptide or barracuda if it does not fit in the new formation. I think it will be harder to fit these things in and still take a decent list.

As more books break from the standard FOC I guess we will see which forge world units survive and which don't. I am not worried about my Malanthrope since I can always use an extra Flying tyrant and gaunts...I hope.

Let me know what you think.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?