Friday, June 12, 2015


Last week I went to my local Meetup's Gameday.  It was going to be just an open day without any narrative or theme.  We were to bring a 1500 point and 1000 point army so we could play either solo (1500) or in a team (1000) Being the overachiever that I am I made three of each. 

While each had some similar core components each had a different focus.  The first was a mounted force but in the end I forgot one of the rides so one of my troops were on foot. The second one was a bit grot focused with a full squad of grot tanks and Mek guns.  The lase was very troop focused with 5 troop choices.

Each army failed and was defeated. Each one went up against a good opponent.  I face a Iron Fist Marine list with my mounted list. I was decimated by a Necron decurion and then swamped by a Khorne demonkin army. I can see mistakes I made in each game and I learned some valuable lessons that I hope I can take to heart.

My first lesson is that my mek guns need to be protected.  In both games they were assaulted second turn and just removed from play.  When playing with a 36" range and a meganob to keep them mobile they can be farther back and be a bit more safe.

The second lesson is I need to think about going around terrain with my grot tanks.  In every game they were in they immobilized themselves on turn one.  This really hurt me since they are a midrange unit.  I still love them and will keep on using them.  They are a pretty expensive and fragile.  I might try using them with either grotzookas or big shootas to keep their cost down but I like the S8 AP3 shot.

Another point is, while dakkajets look cool, they are just not worth the teeth.  It might be how I use them but the S6 shot is just not strong enough to take out any tank and the AP4 makes marine hunting a bit more difficult.  I just think a squad of deffkoptas would be better off helping me out than the cool looking but no teeth Dakkajet.

On a positive note the Flash Gits were pretty effective.  I need to add in a painboy to give them some more durability but when they get that AP 1, 2, or 3 shot they are scary. I want to give them some more table time to see if they still make up the teeth I pay for them.

The last lesson was Kill cannons are just wasted teeth.  I took 2 and one was destroyed before it shot and the second was took a shot that did nothing.  That is a big bag of teeth I could use to bring a painboy or more boys.

while I got hammered each game, I had a great time.  The guys we friendly and fun.  We laughed and had a great time.  An the ork way of life is if we is fightin' then we is winnin'. I will head back to the mek shop and get ready for my next battle.  I hear that an Apoc game in is in the works. Time for the Stompa to come out and play! Until next time...

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?