Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are Guard Getting an Update

There has been leaks of the new White Dwarf Weekly showing off the new MILITARUM TEMPESTUS Scions and their transport.  Rumor are that these are the new IG storm trooper. I have found some images on the BOLS forum who found them on other sites.  I have cropped them to make it easier to look at.   I am not really interested in the text right now since it is propaganda.

First I want to compare these guys with my stormtroopers.

While I love the detail of the guys I am on the fence with replacing my guys with the new ones.  Yes they are not GW models but no one ever questions my stormtroopers and most of the time people complement me on them.  The problem is what if I want the new weapons.  A new gun with the volley rule that is S4 and AP 3. Sound great.  I am trying to remember the last time that my stormtroopers stood still.  most of the time they deepstrike in and shoot up some bad guys and die. Not sure I want to spend extra points for +1S form the old guns.

Speaking of the diferences check out these heads

The Helmeted guys are awesome.  I am thinking I might try to get some of thes heads and replace all of my seargents and commander heads with these. If I don't just get the command box and use these guys as my new commanders.

They have shown some options that I would assume are from the new command squad box.
The coat looks cool and the chain laspistol is awesome. 
Up next is the new kit for an ork battlewagon... I mean Taurox.

 Just put some glyphs and a deff rolla on it and wham. instant battlewagon.  The rules I hear about them sound a bit weak as well.  I will keep my 4 chimeras and be happy.  Unless there are other advantages or if the chimera gets a huge point increase I don't see me using the new guy.

In the end we will see if these guys are the new IG or if they are just a little codex like the Inquisition codex only time will tell. Until Next time

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?