Friday, October 11, 2013

WIP Riptide and Shrike

So in the little time available I have done some work on both the riptide and one more shrike

The last time I was working on the riptide I was on the fence about magnetizing the big gun and after getting several comments on this blog and on the BOLS forum I decided to go for it. 
 first magnet placed in the gun.
Then in the arm. After giving the green stuff a day to cure....
Bam! gun is ready for action. I still have to to the support bar and extra doodad on the gun. I am concerned I will mess him up so I am hesitant to do it.  I also have all the little guns to work on but I am not sure I have the magnets for it.  Then the big dilemma of the head.  I want to get a gundam head or maybe a veritech fighter head to put on it.  If I still had my broken skyfire I would salvage that.  Next time I am back at my mom's I think I will go through my old toys and see what I can get.  I just can't put on one of those crisis suit heads without even trying something else.

Next onto a shrike.  The last time I worked on this guy he looked like this.

I added wings and did a little work on his feet.  I need to hit them with a file now.  I also need to add his bone swords but Unfortunately my bits are still back in Illinois along with my paint. Crap.  Any way here are the recent pics

That is all the work I have gotten done this week.  I still plan to get a game in tomorrow so I might have a battle report to offer your guys.  I want to leave you with a parting shot of a Hierophant Bio Titan.  I saw this guy on a display case at Epic Loot Games back in February and was sad.  He was moved around in the case but his condition is worsening.
Before his legs were slightly bowed but he still held his head up high.  Now all 4 legs are splayed out and his guns and head support him.  poor little nom nom.  Even though I dislike the look of him why would some one pay all that money, assemble him, paint him but not even try to display him properly or just support him.  If I was back at Fantasy books and Games I would take a picture of their Hierophant Bio Titan.  He is well supported and on a beautiful display base. How could you let a $375 model end up like this.  brings a tear to my eye.

Well that is all for now. Until next time...

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms? Pew pew pews?