Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First game in Ohio

This weekend I am actually have time to play a game of 40k.  the local Store Epic Loot Games have a 40k league and tonight I am going to find out if I can join in the fun.  I have my bugs here with me and they are starving!

so without knowing what kind of game and how many points I decided to make a few list to cover my bases.  you can take a look at my lists here:

1000 pts

this list has a tervigon and some raveners to hold the fort until the Doom and the guants come down.  If the tervigon goes down first turn I might be in some major trouble.  The raveners usually make their points back if they can get the charge turn 2 or have some cover.  If anything it will be a learning curve for me.  with out a screening unit I might have some difficulty keeping the raveners alive. 
1500 pts

This lists adds the swarmlord in so the tervigon can move to troops.  this time I have the gargoyles to screen for me.  This usually is pretty helpful.    The swarmlord will help out with his 2 bodyguards to buff the horde and the tervigon can concentrate of making babies.

1850 pts

 This builds on the last list and adds a second troop Tervigon.  Very handy.  Another baby maker always helps with the fun. it also adds a venomthrope for some added coverage.

2000 pts

For the last list I added a shrike squad and a prime to get my dual force org. I porbably could have got rid of the gargoyles and added in a screen of hormagaunts but they do not move as fast as the shrikes or raveners.  Also one of the guants lost their spore so the prime could have someone to hold hands with. The swarm lord also loses one of his guards. 

I am excited to get to play.  It will be weird going into an new meta but really it has been a few months since I played anyway.   I haven't even face any new tau or eldar.  I have a feeling thes guys are going to tear me a new one.

Hopefully next week I will have a summary of my experience. Until next time.
Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?