Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Bug Triage

After playing this weekend I noticed a few of my Tyranids needed some work.  My big momma needed a leg reattached.  My finecast Zoanthrope was broken off his stand.  One termagaunt lost his devourer and another one never had an arm to begin with. lets take a look.

 First is the leg.  An easy reglue.  I added a bit of green stuff to keep in in place.  I have always liked this model if I was to do it over I would have the butt higher in the air and the talons sunk into the ground. I also would like to make a bug from the orks and goblin spider.  I think he would look awesome.

The next guy is the Zoanathrope.  He broke a while back and so I thought I would change him up.  I thought the sitting on the little spine was a silly look.  Either he should have been floating or else put him on something that would support that huge noggin.  So I added a flight stand.  Now I just need to touch up the paint and he is good to go.

This guy is just needed his gun glued back on.  He is looking good ready for his paint job to be finished.

 This guy was my first attempt to take a old spinefist guant and make a devourer guant. I couldn't get the arm to line up so I took it off at the elbow and then was going to come back and make an arm for him.  Well I forgot. He finally got his wish and now he is ready for prime and paint.

Lastly I finished the other main gun on the riptide.  Now he can use either gun.  I think I am going to leave off the decorations. I think it looks good with out them.

Well that is all for today.  The next post will be some shoot of the terrain from Epic Loot Games.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?