Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Friendly Nom nom noms.... take 3

Today I have decided to change up my Adepticon friendly list to add in some Parasite of Mortrex action into the mix.  He is kinda like the Spanish Inquisition.  No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

The Parasite is a jump infantry unit with 3 wounds and a toughness of 4.  He has some funky special rules that produces some ripper swarms but I don't ever seeing it actually happening.  He replaces the Prime from my previous lists.  I think the prime was dead weight anyway so at least this will give me some forward Synapse. So Parasite Bob starts off my army

Now I can't have Bob charging out there alone so I will add in 2 groups of Raveners one of which Bob will join up with. And then a large screen of gargoyles to give them a cover save. Also the gargoyles tend to do well as a distraction unit. With 3 attacks on the charge,  toxin sac to let them would on 4's and blinding venom which auto wounds models on a attack role of 6 they can pump out a bunch of wounds to make those marines roll some 1's

So this gives us a solid assault force but we can't survive on fast attack alone we need troops.  I will start with some devilgants.  12 of them to be exact with a spore pod.  Nothing like dropping down behind enemy lines to spit out 36 str 4 shots. The pod also gets 6 str 6 shots but it shoots like an orc... I will be lucky if it hits once all game :)

With the addition of the devilgants this opens up the best troops choice, a troop choice that makes more troops ^_^ That is right I am talking about a Tervigon or as some people call it a babymaker.  I will load him up with Catalyst, to grant one of my guys feel no pain, Regen, to make him last longer, and toxin sacs, to give all the babies poison weapons. I usually have him sit back and pump out the babies while sitting on a rear objective. These guys seem to last forever on the field.

So that is 2 troops but I can't forget to use me favorite troop.  Yup a big squad of genestealers.  I am sad with the back seat they have taken in 6th. They are really my favorite unit in the whole army.  I just think they look cool ^_^  Back in the day they would pop out on a flank and nom nom nom all the juicy targets who dared to be close to them. Now they have to run across the board and die to boltguns.  I have added a broodlord to the mix since I love my new model. (the Space Hulk Broodlord) and just for fun.  Everyone tells me he is not worth 2.5 genestealer but if he gets iron arm or warp speed he just might be.   Up to S/T 8 or 7 attacks?  You betcha!

Alright,  I got my fast attack guys and now I have the troops so how about some support.  I think I need some big guns.  If I had the points for a Tyranofex I would take him, ( Is is also like the Spanish Inquisition) but at this point I am starting to run low.   Hmmm I need something that can take out vehicles and those power armor jerks. I know a Zoanathrope.  He had warp lance and warp blast.  The lance is a S 10 AP1 shot while the blast is a small blast AP3.  Just what the doctor ordered.  It is so good lets take 2. Usually I take the Doom of Malan'tai but too many people call cheese to run him in a friendly list.

This leaves me with 56 points to spare.  Looking at all my options I think I will add a Venomthrope. He will give me some first turn cover. Usually I hide him behind the babymaker and people ignore him.  to most 5+ cover is not that awesome but when your armor save is a 5+ or 6+ you want all the cover you can get.

There we have it. 1499 points of nom nom nom goodness.  Hopefully I will not get get my face smashed in all to much.  All I know is that Bob's mini swarm is hungry and those marines are looking tasty. >_<

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?