Tuesday, March 27, 2018


we had a nice day in-between all the rainy weather so I got to get a base coat on all the models I built except the fire raptor.  I still need to do some green stuff work before it can be base coated.  I then proceeded to test out my paint scheme for my Daughters of Khaine.

I wanted to make these elves more like the drow from D&D.  this means dark skin. I have seen shades of blue or purple or straight black.  I went with a dark grey with a blue wash. I am a bit disappointed with the blue wash not really coming through but I do like the way she turned out.

I also wanted to try a bright pink for the snake body.  I still need to add a red wash to help define the scales a bit more. I have wanted to paint an army using this color ever since I painted up my Dark eldar scourge sergeant.

I went with the bright gold since I thought it looked nice together with the rest of the colors.

I will probably use a few different colors for the hair.  I will try a few colors to give me some variety.

Questions? Comments? hisssssssss?