Monday, March 26, 2018

Work, work, work...

I am sorry for the lack of posting the last few weeks. Non-hobby life has taken over and I have been pretty busy.  I have had a chance to work on a few things since my last post so I thought I would show off what I have worked on.

First up I have finished assembling my fire Raptor. The next step will be to fill any gaps with green stuff before getting down to painting it.  The build was not really bad but the long fuselage pieces were really warped.  Another fidgety spot was the wing supports.

With the 40k slow grow league wrapping up this month they want to do an Age of Sigmar Tale of Warlords league.  Since they from time to time like to run Age of Sigmar big birthday game I figured I would join in and get a starter army going. I decided on starting a Daughters of Kaine since I am a big fan of their new models.

With that being said, I was looking at the prices for the witch elves and I was shocked.  $60 for ten ladies is crazy when you could get 30 of them in a unit.  I found that Mantic has some succubi box of 20 girls for around $25.   They also have the half monster look that the harpies and medusa have so I like them even more.

Speaking of the Medusa, I also assembled a box of the blood sisters.  I decided on these for my first box so I can add them as a battleline unit with the use of a bloodwrack medusa.  I was very happy with how easy they went together.  I was afraid that they were going to be hard for my big ham fists.  The modelers did an awesome job making sure they went together easily.

The Heartseaker was a bit more challenging. The smaller parts scare me as does the small contact point holding up the model.  I just hope I don't break them while painting.  I decided to go with the ranged version since the other models were close combat units

Lastly, I just picked up the Forgebane. The first thing I did was built the Necron Cryptek.  This model and the two Arimgers are the only models I don't have from this kit.  I have plans for the other models except for maybe the tech priest.  The cryptek went together easily but like the harpies I am afraid of snapping the connection point. I am going to try to be very careful with these models.

And there you have a rundown on my latest hobby projects.  I am hoping to get in a game soon.  I went back to the old stomping grounds a while back and went 2-2.  It was an awesome time.

Have a good week!