Tuesday, September 5, 2017

WIP: Gaming Room

When we moved, we decided that we would rather own than rent.  When we found our house, I found I had a large room downstairs that we never had before.  We decided this was my chance to have my very own game room.
The first thing I did was find a used cabinet that will house my miniatures.  It will be nice to have those miniatures I worked so hard on displayed instead of cooped up in a box.

After that I found a nice table that is almost 6' x 4' for only $13 (high five)  This table will be my gaming table but also it servse as another table for holiday parties.  When the family comes over there is easily 30 of us or more.

My next purchase was a gaming mat. I think these are a wonderful way of  making a table look nice. As you can see I went with a desert theme.  The Death Ray Designs terrain looks nice on it.  A big shout out to Daniel Ottalini for getting this terrain painted up.  As soon as I get my light box all set up, I will have a blog post about it as well.

Lastly, since my mat hung over the sides I needed a way to do a true 6' X 4' table.  I plan to eventually get a board to lay out but lack of funds and time sent me in a different direction.  What I did have on hand were cardboard boxes.  With some hot glue and many layers I made myself a  73" X 49" board.  While it is not as good as a plywood board, it does do the trick.

The room is not complete but it is ready for action.  I plan to add some stools and maybe a side table or 2. The cabinet has some lighting on it but I may add some more depending on how it looks with my miniatures in it. There is enough room for another table but I am unsure if I would ever need a second one. Maybe I could start a meetup and host some game days at the house like the awesome Tabor Warhammer League . That might be too ambitious though.

Questions? Comments? Hobby time?