Wednesday, September 6, 2017

WIP: Grot tank and Tox monster

This weekend we had a extended weekend which I took a little break from working on the house and got some hobby time in.  Mainly I worked on my Grot Mega Tank (GMT) and the Toxicrene.

When we last saw the GMT, it was primed and I was debating whether or not I was going to try to weather it or just straight up paint it.  After many days of procrastinating, I decided to try out Greggles Chipping method. While I don't have the chipping fluid he uses, I have seen people get similar results with water based hairspray.

So following the instructions, I applied a brown basecoat (sorry, my light box is MIA right now)

After that I used a sponge to apply two different oranges.  Once those were dry, I sealed it with a matte finish.  I had to stop here since I didn't have the hairspray yet but I was not ready to call it quits on my hobby time. Time to work on the Toxicrene.

I got most of the way done assembling him.  All that is left is the tentacles and his right arm.  I decided to not magnetize him.  I don't think I will ever use a maleceptor.  If I decide that I need one I am sure I can find a way to add one to my hive.

For his tentacles I want to try to shape them a little bit since they extend well past the base.  I plan to try using a hair dryer to soften them up, then re-pose them to make them more manageable.

I am eager to get this guy on the field.  While I don't think he is game changing he will help out with my target overload style of play.

Hope you are having a good week.

Questions? Comments?  Nom nom noms?