Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dreadtober 2017

It is getting close to that time of year again. Dreadtober is just around the corner. Again this year I will not be working on a Dread but something similar sized for the Tyranids. If you follow my blog you might already know what I am talking about. .

Before we look at this year's project, lets first look at my past Dreadtober entries.

The first year it was my Knight Cerastus Knight Acheron

This was a big project but he went together well. I love the model and am hoping he gets a 8th edition datasheet soon. I never could get the decals to work.  I couldn't get the printer to print the colors I wanted and the black just didn't show up well enough. Maybe someday he will get his transfers.

Last Year I had wanted to add a sydonian dragoon to my ad mech army.  My project was to  build the kit to have both the Dragoon and ironstrider options.

This went fairly easy with the only change being the driver. I only useded the lascannon option and lance option only but with the way lascannons work in 8th I don't think that will be a problem.

Since the ironstrider was small I had some time left over. This took place during my cult rising and my cult formation needed a sentinel.

I got a good deal on a forgeworld sentinel that needed a bit of work. The fact that it was missing a driver was not a problem at all since I wanted a cult driver. He turned out well   and I had accomplished my goals for each years project.

I am hoping to continue this trend with my 2017 entry.  This year I will be working on my Toxicrene.

hopefully I can get some better pictures.

I will be happy to have this guy ready for the table. I am thinking about making the tentacles a little more compact.  My first update will be my trial and error with this.  Other than that he is ready for priming and painting.

I hope you guys will follow along as well as either join up with the rest of us or just see all the cool progress over on the new Dreadtober site.

Have a good week!

Questions? Comments? Nom nom nom?