Monday, September 25, 2017

UPdate: What have I been doing?

It has been a crazy few weeks at home.  I have not had a lot of time to focus on my hobby.  I got a game in at the shop where my genesteal cult got smashed by the the eldar, I did some work on my display cabinet, and painted a little bit of the Grot Mega Tank (GMT).  This weekend I picked up the ad mech codex I will probably try to write up a review later this week.

So first I want to talk about my game.  The eldar list was rough on my cult. 3 night spinners, eldrad, a knight, a lord, a squad of wraith guard, a hemlock fighter and a fire prism to round it out. He was destroying units left and right.    I figure I need another primus to help with the cult ambushes and maybe some more genestealers.

The more expensive metamorphs, without the use of the rending claw along with the metamorph claws, are ready disappointing .  If I had them, I would run more acolytes instead.  Sure the acolytes have less attacks but they are cheaper  and have access to a few higher strength weapons if needed.  I think it is a fair trade.

I might try to get more goliath rockgrinders for the cheap big guns.  The Battle cannon russ can't do it on his own.  I could bring in an exocrine but then I loose cult ambush which is not cool. I might as well run Tyranids all around if i am going to bring other Tyranid units. Hopefully the cult will get a boost when their codex drops.  It could have just been a bad matchup. I will need to look at them again.

Next up,  I started to add some lights to my display cabinet.  This is my first time working with LEDs.  I got some clips that make it eaiser to make the connections.  The glue on the back of the lights is not strong enough to keep the lights in place so i will need another way to mount them. Overall, I like how they  look.

Lastly, I started to paint up the patchwork armor for the GMT. Once it is fully painted I can start the weathering.  I am getting excited.

That is all for today.  Look for the review later in the week. Have a good week.

Questions? Comments? Dakka daaka dakkas?