Tuesday, July 19, 2016

WIP: ghost ark

As our campaign wraps up and another one begins, I think it is time to let the hive rest and bring out a few of my lesser used armies. I have decided to bring out my Necrons first.
Most of of my painted models were painted before the 2011 codex came out.  After that codex came out I painted up some of the newer units primed others and left the rest grey.  One of the primed ones were my ghost arks.

poor guy was wasting away...
After looking at my Necrons,  I found that my ghost ark needed the most work to get to a playable standard. That green is horrible and I am not sure what I was thinking when I did it.  After I finish painting it, I plan on updating the rest of the army by switching out the flat blue they currently have with the new metallic blue I used on my lychguard test models.

Before I can update the ghost ark's paint job, I need to finish building it.

7 warriors ready for priming.
I assembled the barge empty but never bothered to build the passengers. The plan was to paint them s before I glued them into the ark.  It will be easier to paint the detail on both on passengers and the ark without them in the way.  I ended up gluing one guy in just to make sure I could and to see how cramped it would be.

I spent the night building most of the passengers before heading to bead. I have 2 more to assemble then I can prime them and paint them.  I plan on using the scheme from my warriors with the blue body.

a photo from 2010
I used to have a few different styles but I think I will just stick with one style and I think this looks pretty cool. I will then update a squad of warriors with the new color. After that I can move onto my other squads. I think I have come a long way from these guys. Ok maybe not that far...

Next up I had to add the driver.  I had thought of putting a crystal there driving it but the more I though about it the mor I wanted to use the driver.  I built him up and glued him in.

I really didn't care for the little stand that they used so I beefed up the base and used a couple of bolts to hold him up.  These will be black after I prime him up.  I will probably just leave it at that.  It might be a little tall but I am okay with that.  Just so that it doesn't break off.

I plan on building up the base maybe using some foam rocks like the dunecrawler.  Most of my Necron bases are plain with some ballast for ground cover.  I think I will use some cellu-clay to give it texture add some rocks and call it done. Just need to keep it simple.

Hopefully I will have some more time to work on this guy.  I would like to start painting this weekend .  I am going to cover the green with black since I remember it being a pain to paint on.

Coming up next will be a recap from our 16k per side apoc game then some pictures of my finished manticore.

Questions? Comments? We'll be backs.......?