Friday, July 22, 2016

apocalypse Battle recap

That happy feeling when you take out a Knight in a round of shooting

Last weekend, we had an 8 player apocalypse battle with 16,000 points per side.  It was the Imperium versus Chaos.  There were Salamanders, Guard, Dark Angels and Mantis Warriors on one side with Khorne Daemonkin, Chaos Marines, Traitor Guard, and just straight up Daemons on the other. beware lots of pictures.
It was a fun battle I really need to take more pictures.  I did do a few Facebook live streams which hopefully can be found here. Thankfully Kabbala and another friend sent me pics to add to my blog.

if I remember these guys were in combat for at least 2 turns.

Deathwing revenging my knight.

Deathwing hop out to lay more smackdown on the filthy chaos

Unfortunately this "Baneblade" was stuck in a corner most of the game.

This spine beast is ready for lunch... to bad the Knorne got there first.

The chaos advance!

Daemons flooded the backfield turning the Imperium around for a turn

This guy didn't get much action. was stuck behind some slow moving troops.

Trying to push back the horde and dying in the effort

Conga line of chaos space marines

Vulcan takes the field for a challenge.

Dune crawlers looking down field for some targets.

Brass Scorpion and helldrake getting ready for action
My knight sizing up the other knight... was going to be a glorius battle until...

5 meltas and 3 multimeltas Surrounded it to make it go boom.

The atrapos is still standing.  Had it down to 1-2 hull points.

the lone guardsman who survived a plane crash tries to be a hero and take out the knight...

only to be  this poor spinebeast only meal of the day. 

Well there you have it.  The game ended 3-3. We forgot to go after their warlords but so did they.  My knight died before he got as shot off or got to charge anything.  This is how it goes in Apoc.  It was a good time and I spent the afternoon with some great guys.  Looking forward to the next one.

Have a good weekend.