Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rumor: Start Collecting: Scions

Lady Atlia at War of Sigmar have posted up pictures for the up coming Start Collecting boxes.  They are Chaos Space Marines (CSM) and Scions.  oooooo

If you read my blog, you know I don't run CSM. I don't know how good this kit is for them.  Just looking at the kit you can save $33 if you buy them separately.  You need an HQ and a troop so at least that is cool.  I just don't know how good the hellbrute is.

the scions on the other hand is a good deal.  The Taurox alone is $48 add in 2 kits on Scions and the commissar you are up too $139.  This nets you a $74 saving.  Nice!

The nice thing about these is that they don't seem to be a limited time offering so I don't have to rush.  I would love to expand my Scions and get me one of those funky trucks.  Adding 2 more volley guns to my small force will also be nice.  If only I could find a way to make them relentless.

I am digging these new boxes and think it is a smart move on GW's part.  While they are not always a CAD they always come with a formation so you can start playing right out of the box.

Good job, GW.  Now if you only gave us a decent ork or tyranid codex.... They are decent for casual games but not so much competitive gaming.

What do you think?

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