Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WIP TAU Piranha. Stealth Suits.

With all the models I have to do before Adepticon, I need to get started on my Tau army. I decided to work on the one vehicle that I have in my army, the piranha.

I forgot the paint scheme I had for the fire warriors so I had to stop here.  Also looking at what I have done I notice I don't have any blue, my accent color, on the vehicle.  I think I need to take away some of the silver on the jets.  Maybe do some Blue there or paint the jets orange then the stripe can be blue like on my riptides. Something more like this.
Since this is my first fully painted Tau vehicle I want some thing that will stand out but I can duplicate across my army. 

I also primed up my stealth suits so they are ready for some paint.

I really like the idea of using the old metal model as my sergeants.  I think that they will stand out and make it look like they have the smaller more agile suit compaired to their troopers.  It is going to be fun.
Incase you forgot or didn't want to bother with looking up my paint scheme here are a fire warrior, a drone and a stealth suit to refresh your memory.