Saturday, October 25, 2014

What to do about objective markers?

After thinking about what I want to do for my objective markers I thought I would look out on the internet and see what is out there.

The guys at Warsenal have 3 candidates that might work.
Objective flag
The objective flag would work and would do a good job for any army.  The problem is that is is just as good as putting a die out there. It doesn't really fit into the army.  They are $2 each

I like the supply box.  The come in a set of 4 so I would have to get 2 of them. I could paint them up to fit my army and add some embellishments. Not a bad choice. These would fit onto the game board without looking like a sore thumb. Not bad for $8

The last one I liked from them was the tracking beacon.  I can see these fitting in with the Tau very well.  They also could fit onto the game broad without looking out of place. It looks very techie and is where I am leaning. with these being$12 for six no matter which way I go with Warsenal they run me $2 per objective.

While browsing, I remembered a place from my last Adepticon  The company Tectonic Craft Studios have some cool objective markers for all the 40k races made from mdf.  I actually bought 2 of these already back at that Adepticon. here is the one they have for tau.
The one downside is that is it very large. Maybe I could talk to my opponent and agree that only the center circle is the actual objective that way it doesn't give a huge control range.  I am not sure.They cost $11 each making them the priciest.

The guys over at Micro Art Studio  have a few choices as well.
 These crates could do the job.  They do seem a bit plain and come in a set of 2 for about $15
 I really like the info hub. I could use it as a check point or power node. I think this would be a cool marker but each one would cost me about 5 bucks.  Better that the Tectonic Craft Studios so this might be an option.
Lastly they have these Terminals.  They look cool but I am not sure what a computer terminal would be doing in the middle of a forest or ruined area.  I can see crates or beacons.  It is a reason I ruled out
some of the cooler markers from Warsenal.  you get 3 for $9.

After all these stores I went to Puppets War.  I only found one item that fits the bill.

The radar station runs a bit less than $10 making it a pricy objective marker.  I do think it is cool looking but it is rather large and with it priced so much I think I am out. 

So there you have it.  I would like to keep my spending down to a minimum. I see 4 different choices that I can do.

1.The Micro Art Studio Hub- It is cool and is the only one I think I would get if I was going to get it from them. $30 for objectives plus shipping might be too rich for my blood.

2. Warsenal Supply Boxes- I could order the crates from Warsenal and use the 2 I have from Tectonic Craft Studios.   I think this would be a good option except that my markers are not all uniform.  I don't think it will be a huge issue just one to think about.

3.Warsenal Beacons- I could also go with the beacons and have 6 uniform markers.  at $12 I am not breaking the bank.

4. Home built- Lastly I could always try to make one for myself out of the bits I have lying around.  I just don't think I can make something that will look good or make sense.  I could slap a few pulse rifles together and cal it a day. It will definitely be the cheapest since I have all the pieces already.  I just have to stick them together. 

Now I just have to decide which option is the best for me. If you know of any other inexpensive options let me know these are just the ones I found.  I hate the GW ones. The skulls look out of place and they really don't hold the dice well.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?