Friday, October 3, 2014

New Forge world Riptide the XV109 Y’vahra Battlesuit

I looked in my mailbox today and Forge world has left me a present.  Their newest riptide has me drooling.

 Again it has the small head syndrome but it looks cool. Maybe a cool Robotech Valkyrie head.

 One big plasma gun that has haywire and does its S8 hit or can over charge for 3+D3 shots ouch and the other one that is an AP3 torrent flamer or a 2 shot AP2 torrent flamer that gets hot. simple shoice on which to use.
The Jetpack lets it move like a swooping monsterous creature and you can even overcharge for a jink save.
While I like the look of the other Forgeworld riptide its weapons are a bit weak.  This guy is a beast.  I would love to field one of these bad boys. with only 4 wounds he will go down to plasma and grav guns easily with only a 5++ (4 if your are within 12). He only gets the 3++ nova save if he is in close combat.

The best way to neutralize this unit is by charging it. but then you get 2 D3 wall of flame hits. ouch.

I might be saving up for this bad boy and ordering one when I go to Adepticon. I know one thing.  I love this model more than that useless Tyranid.  If only they let that thing move like this guy and I would want 2. A 6 inch move for a close combat monster just doesn't cut it this edition.

Have a good weekend.