Monday, August 12, 2013

WIP Monday

I have not done one of these in while and I actually got some work done so I thought it is time for a post.

First of all I had 2 boxes of Necron  Immortals/ Deathmarks that I wantd to build into deathmarks. I have not tried these guys out so once the year of the bug is over if I get them built and painted I will have them ready for some action.  I like the possibility of wounding on 2's on a chosen unit and with the sniper rule they get rending on 6's.  Not too bad, throw in a haywire crypteck and we might be in business.

While looking for stuff to put up in the bazaar I found some old spures of some black orcs. This was from when I wanted to play fantasy and then realized how expensive it was going to be and I stopped.  Not before I opened the box and started to build a few so I think I will repurpose the box and convert up some ard boys with them.  Hopefully it will look good and with give my 40k orcs some more flavor.

The last thing I am thinking about are my shrikes.  After looking at the conversion bits that chapter house is briging out I notice that they want 12 per shrike.  Just for the bits alone I would need to spend 120 to get my 10 shrikes.  That is crazy.  That doesn't include the bone sword as well.  After all the rumors of Tyranids coming soon, and GW's policy of making a model for everything in the codes I think I might use some gargoyle wings until the actual model come out.  This way I don't have to say that I am proxying models. Tthis way I will have correct models and everyone can tell that they are shrikes.  I will have pictures up as soon as I get going on them.

So far I have built 5 deathmarks and built the bodies of the boys.  If I get any more time this week I will start working on the shrikes since I can use them as early as next week.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Hopefully my motivation can inspire others to work on project on their own back burner.

Questions? Comments?  Nom nom noms? Pew pew pews? Dakka dakka dakkas?