Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bazaar weekend

This weekend, my local, friendly, game store, Fantasy Books and Games, are having their annual Bazaar. All this week until Friday at 2, you can bring in items (like miniatures, rule books, action figures, comic books) give them a price, and they will put a lot number on them and sell them for you for store credit. This is a great for everybody since it lets you get rid of stuff that has been gathering dust, someone else can get some great deals on your stuff, and the store will get money without losing any inventory. Win/Win/Win.

I just learned that the bazaar was this weekend so, the last couple of days I have been getting stuff ready. I am going to try to get rid of my Space marines, grey knights and space wolves. I also have my dwarves from fantasy that will get thrown into the mix. I have some old battletech miniatures as well as the Aurora class drop ship from Mechwarrior that might get a chance to be snatched up. I am going to hold onto my Warmachine dwarves for now but I am going to put up my Legion horde army up for sale. I also have a copy of heroscape to sell. Lastly I am going to try to get rid of my World of Warcraft miniatures. Hopefully selling each common for $2 and rare for $5 and Epic for $15.

It is not all fun and games though. I am getting rid of most of my comics. I am going to sort them by title and sell each stack for $10. In there is Xmen, Xfactor, Xcalibur, Xforce, New mutants and a few more. Next are some of my action figures. I have some Star Wars: Force Unleashed figures to sell as well as some mighty mugs. If these guys can find a new home then I will be happy to let them go. It will help me shrink my footprint for this December when I am going to be moving.

So, if you got some stuff you would like to unload, head on down and sign up before Friday. If you want to get some stuff, the Bazaar starts Friday and ends on Sunday. Last year, I filled out my orks and necron forces. Who knows what treasures will be there this year. Until next time..

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?