Thursday, August 8, 2013

Power armor jerks!

The rumors are flying around and it looks like next month is power armor jerk month.  After the last 2 Xenos books it is time we update the poster child of the 40k universe.  Here are so pics I got from Bell of Lost Souls.  I am sure they stole them from somewhere else...

so they have bigger terminators and modified a razorback.hopefully the rear armor stays 10.  That or rending claws or adrenal glads are going to be a must.  I am going to guess that the centurions will be T5-6 with a 2+/5++ profile  Another tough cookie to crack.

I am surprised no new flier though. I guess the storm talon is good enough for them.

Not much yet to talk about.  Maybe when the white dwarf finally hits and more rules get layed out I will have more to comment about how to take on these jerks.  Probably the same way I do now.  Through bodies at them and try to overwelm them with numbers.... we will see.

Questions? Comments?  nom nom nom?