Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tyranid Rumors and Reactions..

There are rumors all over the place now about how Tyranids are the next codex after Space Marines. According to the Rumors Space Marines will be in late Sept /early Oct which then we have Nov and Dec left if it is going to be released this year. Seeing that the Hobbit comes out in Dec if GW is going to still beat that dead horse then we can rule a Dec release out. By past performances if 40k gets a release then Fantasy should get the next. Maybe all those rumors of dwarves will come true. So my prediction is an early 2014 release.

The next thing I hear are there will be some new minis coming out. For what is out there, it looks like some well needed kits will be in this next release. The prime, the Doom, the parasite, harpy, and a mycetic spore finally get their official model. Right after I made a prime, parasite and 3 spore pods. Unless the prime and parasite get a huge boost I think I will be ok with not getting those models. I will want some spores and unless he is hit with a huge nerf bat I will also want the doom. The harpy also is supposed to get a model but I never have seen a place for him. He really needs some help but I will get into that later. What I don't hear is wings for shrikes or shrike models all together. Now that I have jumped on the band wagon (maybe I am driving that band wagon) I really want some cool looking models.

Along with the new kits there are rumors of new kits for existing models. I hear that termagants and genestealers might get a recut to allow more options. I am not sure what the gaunts need except the strangleweb gun. They have almost every option in the kit. The genestealer kit though could use a update. More rending claws more ymgarl heads different poses might refresh the poor neglected troops. 6th really hurt them IMHO.

I guess all that is left to talk about is the new stuff. I hear there will be a new "big bug" kit. Every release has seen one first the trygon then the tervigon, I am excited to see what we get. I am hoping for something similar stat wise to the Tau and elder baddies. Maybe T8 with a 5++ crosses fingers. A melee and range version.... a hierodule!!!!! I know that forgeworld make them already but they stole the Trygon from forge world why not a hierodule. The only reason I don't think they will be there is because they are already in the Apoc books. Whatever it is I am hoping for a hierodule/carifex look not a biotitan/tervigon look. Give me a beefy monster not so spindly leg creature.

As for new rules It sounds like the pyrovore will get torrent and a reduction in points with will make me at least look at him but probably not use him. The hive guard are rumored to get skyfire but I really thing that is wishful thinking. If not the skies will no longer be safe from the bugs. Speaking of wishful thinking and the hiveguard, if I were to fix the harpy I would bring him down in points and give him inpaler cannons. This will give him better purpose IMHO. This way he can patrol the skies and help out with light vehicles when the skies are clear. Just a thought.

There you have it. My thoughts on the rumors and predictions on when and what we will see when the book finally does drop. Until then...

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?