Thursday, February 28, 2013

My new bug list

So, I have played my Parasite list for a while and while it is ok I thought I would change things up and try using 2 tervigons and a carnifex.  MY big worry is that I will not have enough termagants to keep up with the spawning but we shall see. Also I am doing the whole screamer killer in drop pod technique.  I have a feeling he will die quickly... but then that is more shots at him and less at my raveners and hive tyrant :)

here is my list
 I am not sure if the Zoans are worth the points or if I should bring out the hive guard.  It is nice to have that S10 AP1 shot for the few vehicles out there and the small blast ap3 shot is nice as well.  They are also another node for synapse so I will keep them in for now.

I Line the way my Raveners have been performing.  they usually take a few casulties going in but do a lot of damage when they get there.  I just need to sreen them with something so that can make it there.  The gargoyles are a great screening unit for them.  I have 20 so I might drop the toxin on them then break them into 2 groups of 10  and let them lead the raveners into combat.  I will have to go to 2 force org charts to do that though. Thoughts for the future.

So what do you think?  too unfocused?  Not enough dakka? should I use a trygon instead of the carni?