Monday, February 25, 2013

More Gargloyles...

Last night while the Oscars were on I took the opertunity to work on the last of my gargoyles.  I have completed 8 of the critters already leaving me with 7 more to paint.  I had them already base coated blue so step one was done on to step 2.

Step 2

here I painted the wings carapace and guns with a base color.  I started with the new ceramite white.  The coverave was aweful taking 2-3 coats and still looking a bit splochy so I turned to my old friend Astronomican grey.  I was a little worried about this since it is not a prue white but all of it is being covered with another color so it should be ok. It is just there to make it easier for the lighter colors cover the blue base.  I have tried starting with a white undercoat but I am unhappy with trying to get the blue in all crevices.

With all seven finished with step 2 I proceeded to step 3 the Carapace. 

Step 3

This is just a coat of scorpion green.  I didn't have a lot of time to do this so I only got part of the batch done.  Really with 5 min I should have the last 2 guys done with this step and I can move on to the next.

Step 3 will be to pain the wings Fenrisian Grey.  Another big step siche there is so much wing to cover. After that Step 4 is bone white on the talons, teeth  and guns. Step 5 is then the tongue a pale green.  After this I will touch up the blue fixing any mistakes like on the wing "fingers" for step 6. A Drakenhof Nightshade wash over the wings, body and gun, to give them some depth is step 7.  Finally the last step is to paint the eyes red. 2 on the head and 1 on the gun

the finished product looks like these:

Table top quality
they are not going to win me any prizes and when or if I ever finish my whole army I plan to go back and highlight them.  They are tabletop quality and really that is all I need.

Lets hope I can finish these guys this week.  With the gargoyles done I can focus on my devilgants.  Another 12 guys to paint.  They should go quicker than these did so maybe if I can find another 4 hour stretch of time I will have them moving right along too.

So the list is.
7 Gargoyles to finish
12 devilgants
2 zoanthropse
3 raveners
1 venomthrope to fix up (some paint flecked off. I hate metal models)

so 25 models that still need some paint.  Not bad.... Still 52 days to go.  If I get all these done I have some 20 termagants that I could paint so I have more guys for the mama to make.  Right now I think I only have 20 or so painted.  the problem is to make them legal I am going to have to rip off spine fist arms and replace them with fleshborer arms.  We will tackle that when we get to it.

 The guy on the left is correct the one on the right is not.

Questions? Comment? Nom nom noms?