Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Getting ready...

So I have my list planned out and now I need to buckle down and start painting the list.  I have 57 day till Adepticon and by my calculations I have 32 models to paint.  The worst of these are the gargoyles.  Last night I started working on them but ran out of time before finishing them  I will probably finish them up tonight.  I figure a model a day will get me there with a fully painted army.  Easy Peasy :)

Also I am working on a army delivery system for my troops.  The day where I bring a Rubbermaid tub with my army are numbered.  Last night I also con structed the inner cage for my new transport.  Much better than the tub and a lot cheaper than the battlefoam carrying case.  Once complete I will add a shell for it and while it will not look as pretty as the Battlefoam ones it will be much more affordable.  here are a couple of picks to show what I have done so far.

I was short 2 pieces which I will pick up tonight I need to figure out some straps for carrying it but otherwise it is ready for acrion.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?