Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Planes, Bikes and a BattleWagon,

I have developped a list to use over the next few months. I plan on keeping this list as static as possible to make sure I get a good sense of what works and what doesn't.  Let's look at the list


Warboss on Bike


20 shootas -  2 big shootas, nob with armor and klaw
20 shootas -  2 big shootas, nob with armor and klaw
20 shootas -  2 big shootas, nob with armor and klaw
5 Nobs on bikes, painboy, waagh banner, 2 klaws cyborks

Dakkajet, 3 supa-shoota, fighter ace
Dakkajet, 3 supa-shoota, fighter ace

15 lootas

Battlewagon - big shoota, rolla, armor
3Kans - rokkits

Sure this is only 88 models but it has a small green tide, some cool bikes,  2 cool jets, some light armor killers with the lootas, and a psyker that gets to reroll his power if he doesn't like what he gets.

To be honest he is there to try to get a free Waaagh when the planes are around.  their 9 shots get bumped to 18 shots and with the fighter ace upgrade it is like it is a got piloting that plane.  (would be a cool converstion for the more talented builders out there.

The bikes are a bit tougher now.  We still have to watch out for S10 hits but there is not a lot of that around.  Hopefully my planes can shoot down the necron flyer before it hits with it's big attack.... that thing scares me.

Hte only thing that realy doesn't work for me right now are the Kans.  with only 3 shots at 24" hitting on 4's  they are not going to be doing a whole bunch.  I am not sure what else to use those 150 points for though.  I thought maybe an ageis defense line with autocannon but that would leave me with 50 points to spare... I will have to think it over before I lock in my decision.

I will leave you sith some pics of my Dakkajet and lootas that I worked on this weekend.  Enjoy.