Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For the Greater Good.

 Some time in September my Favorite Local Game Store is going to have a bazaar where we can sell our old miniatures and other gaming items to the public and get store credit.  One of my friends was going to sell of his Tau collection as either a full set or piecemeal if necessary.  Seeing that I have been wanting a tau force I asked him how much he was going to sell it for.  After a bit of haggling (really not much) I became a owner of a full Tau army.

Sure there is no kroot or vespids but that is ok there are a bunch of battlesuits. I made my first fun list and actually got to play with it.  Lets take a look:

Shas'o - missile, plasma, shield, armor, HW multi-tracker.
Bodyguard - blaster, ion blaster, HW multi-tracker  Targeting array
Bodyguard - blaster, frag projector, HW multi-tracker  Targeting array

11 Fire warriors
     devilfish D pods, Multi-tracker, targeting array
11 fire warriors

6 pathfinders - 3 rail rifles
   devilfish D pods, Multi-tracker, targeting array
2 piranha light skimmer squadron - fusion blaster

3 broadsides targeting array
2 broadsides targeting array
sniper drone team

3 Crisis Battlesuits - TW missiles, Targeting Array
3 Crisis Battlesuits - TW Plasma, Targeting Array

To be honest it is a pretty bad list.
 I am not sure if the the piranhas and sniper drones will do enough. 
The devilfish might be easy targets now in 6th.  I would probably be better off with some walls or a bastion. 

I only have 5 broadsides or else I would have ad 2 full squads. 
The bodyguard are kitted out this way because that was how they were made no other reason.

This army is different than all my other armies.  with practice I think I will enjoy them.  If for no other reason I can relive my youth thinking of those great shows like: EXO squad, Robotech, and Battletech.  If only these guys were toughness 5  missile spam is going to hurt. ^_^

I will leave you with some shots of the suits I have painted up
First is my commander painted by my friend Brandon.  Thank you sir.


the next 2 were painted by me (not as impressive)