Tuesday, February 2, 2021

3D printed orks

I got an Anycubic Photon Zero printer for Christmas and was eager to see what it could do.  I have finally got a few prints now that actually look decent enough to paint up.  These are the three I have painted. 

First up is a Shoota Boy. I am happy with everything except the head. For some reason, It didn’t give crisp details on the face. The visor was supposed to have holes into it.  Some of the holes were there but half the visor was blank. 

The next model is a Stormboy.  This was a two part print.  One was the smoke and the other a boy.  There was some weird hatching across the mask but overall I am happy with the print.   I like the smoke and might try this again if I do more Stormboys.  Again, there seems to be a bit resolution issue but some people have told me this is a exposure issue.  I will keep on fiddling with the configuration to try to get the best print out of the machine.  

Lastly, we have my goblin warboss.  If I can get this printer do print some grot tanks I plan to make an all got army with the only exceptions are this warboss and maybe a weirdboy. This guy is similar in size to a warboss and I will just proxy him in for one. 

When printing the chest there was a bit of a hiccup on the shoulder.  I painted it as some battle damage.  I think it looks good.  What I don’t like was the grot.  Most of it is decent but the head is just disappointing.  I am thinking of using a spare head from one of my GW kits but that would mean I would need to chop off the current one and glue in the new one.  While not the hardest thing to do it does make me nervous messing with a completed model. 

I had one more ork I painted up but I forgot to take pictures of him before taking him to work. I also have a few other prints that I have been working on but have not painted. Overall I feel that even if I don’t use the printer to print whole units, it will be a great tool to printing up parts and bits to finish models. 

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakka!