Friday, February 26, 2021

Missed models

 I noticed that I missed a couple of models that I finished painting.  Let us take a look.

First up is a Secutarii Hoplite.  This is another Forgeworld Ad Mech unit that I have been avoiding. 

Like the Peltast, I went with the lighter purple to distinguish them as a more elite unit. I went with a red for their power source for their lances and shields.

I also finished another Killa Kan.  For the rockit launcha, I used the Valkryie missile pod that I had in my bits box.

I went with a different blue for this guy.  I like how well it goes with the yellow.  

This should be my fourth Kan completed.  I have 2 more to paint bringing me up to six.  I might try to get a second squad of them just for some fun games.  

I think that is all of the models I missed next up is a commission job I had done for my Sisters.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas!!!!!