Thursday, December 27, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice

The prepping for Adepticon will continue this week and to help out my buddy test his list, I am bringing a not so cheesy Necron list.  This means no scarab farm, no fliers, no mindshackle scarabs.  Just some troops, and some rez orbs.  Lets take a look.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The times are a changing...

Last week at the Rogue Trader tourney (which I didn't get to play in ... the life of a ringer) it was announced that the army size will be 2k starting next month.  After taking to our league organizer about it he also thinks that he will be raise the point limit as well. So I thought I would take some time and modify my old 2k nid list and present it to you.  Let's take a look.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rogue Trader Baby!

This Saturday is another Rogue Trader at Fantasy Books and Games and since my nids are not painted I will have to play one of my other armies.  Since I brought orks last time, and guard the time before, I decided to bring my Necrons.   Here is the list

Overlord- MS scarabs, Semp weave, Res orb, Phase shifter, Warscythe                                
Overlord- MS scarabs, Semp weave, Res orb, Phase shifter, Warscythe                                
Royal court
                Lord- Warscythe, Res orb, Semp weave, Ms scarabs         
                Cryptek- Destru, Gaze                  
                Cryptek- Destru                               

10 Immortals                                     
10 Immortals                                     
15 Warriors                                        

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge                                                                          
2 spyder- 2 gloom prism                               

Fast Attack
5 Scarabs                                            
6 Scarabs                                            
Heavy destroyer                             

Aegis defense line with quad    

Usually I have some wraiths and ghost arcs but they are not painted so no luck there.  I really don’t like the heavy destroyer since it is an easy killpoint I will put it in reserve hoping that I can kill something befeore it comes in and gives away first blood. The way I play it is that the overlords go with the immortals each with a cryptek and then the lord goes with the big squad of warriors hunkered down behind the defense line.
Another option is to bring the storm lord while droping the destroyer and adding a couple of solar pulses.  In the end I just might do that since I won’t have a single model unit to give first blood.
I could also drop the destroyer and split out the warriors and add a few more to give me more troop…. So many choices so little time…
Let me know what you think.  I will take suggestions up till Sat morning when I have to print out the list and party.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

quick hit update!

Had trouble sleeping last night so I decide to repair some more gargoyles.

all but 2 are now back on their flight stands hooray!!

have a good 12-12-12

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WIP... Tuesday?

Monday nights are usually reserved for D&D encounters but we had a couple people cancel on us so I had a free night.  Seeing that I have been pretty distracted lately and have not had time to work on my armies I thought it would be a perfect night to spend some time with them.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Adepticon nom noms take 3

After my ass beating Thursday I decided to make my friendly list a bit more unfriendly.  We’ll take a look at the list first and talk about the changes after.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Post game thoughts

Last night I played Chosen1 from the blog Team Snake Eyes using my AdeptiCon friendly list.  He also used his friendly list. He was playing a themed tzeench list.  while some bad mishaps hurt him in the beginning he pretty much ruled the battlefield.

I would say the shooting was the win for him.  his flamers tore up one squad of genestealers his horrors did most of the rest.  His bolt was very effective taking out my zoies and tyrgon.

The shrikes are useless.  with only 3 they die really quick.  I am going to try a big squad of gargoyles.  This will also leave some more points to work with than if I shift around the genestealers, drop one or both broodlords, can get me another troop choice.  Maybe some termagants or hormagants.

It is something to think about.

Have a good weekend.

questions and comments are always welcome.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Friendly Nom noms take 2...

So, I was looking over my fun list I was not cofortable with 8 ripper swarms.  I have never been a big fan of the little buggers.  I also noticed a lack of synapse so I think I found a ways to keel the snake theme and boost up the synapse: Zonathropes

Friday, November 30, 2012

Is the Doom to powerful?

Ever since 6th has come out I have added the Doom to most of my lists.  He is a major distraction and usually makes up his points.  What I have heard though is that he is just over powered and cheesy.  Almost to the point of Dragio Cheesy or an army of Purifiers cheesy.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

turning it up to 11..

Today is the last day of the 2 headed general league and I was lazy and I am going to use my army from week 3 found here.  What I want to talk about is my Tyranid list at 2k.  Now I hear a lot of people say that nids at 2k are great because you finally unlock 3 more precious elite slots.  I am here to tell you.  Elite slots are not the end all be all.  Lets take a look at my army and then discuss.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

quick update...

So I started to work on my first genestealer. sorry about the low res.. I took them with my phone so it is very poor.  Take a look.

I am not good with green stuff and I am unsure how much better I can get it.  I thought about maybe outsourcing but I have a feeling that it would cost too much. After seeing the results maybe I should look into it.

So what do you think?  will it pass? 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy, Friendly Nom nom noms...

Next year I have signed up to go to Adepticon.  I am playing in the Friendly 40K games and in the combat patrol.  I have not seen the rules for combat patrols yet but I have heard that the friendly games are a 1500 list and they don't want any cheesy lists.

I have devised a snake based list that I don't think is to cheesy. Lets take a look:

Prime - Lash whip and bone sword, regeneration

10 Genestealers - Broodlord, toxin sacs
10 Genestealers - Broodlord, toxin sacs
 9 ripper swarms - toxin sacs

Fast attack 

5 Raveners - rending claws, devourers
5 Raveners - rending claws, devourers
3 Shrikes - lash whip bone sword toxin sacs

Heavy Support
Trygon Prime  Bio electric pulse, regen

Nothing too bad.  I don't have a Doom or a winged hive tyrant so no cheese there.  I also didn't bring the hive guard so no cheesy S8, no cover save guns.

What it does have is a bunch of nom nom nom.  If my guys can get into combat I should be ok.

Next, I want to convert all my figure to having a snake body.  The raveners, rippers,  and Trygon are already snakes so I am good there.  For the shrikes I have some wings coming in from forge world that I will use on a ravener body so I they look similar to the new winged tyrant. My prime is going to be the red terror with different arms.  which leaves the genestealers.  I am going to attemt to use some greenstuff to make the bodies. I will post some pics when I get one done.

Any suggestions?

Monday, November 26, 2012

WIP Monday

I haven't had an update in a while so while I am not feeling well I thought I would put up some Picks of what I have been working on. first up is the ork grot tank squad.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tau tag team week 3

Today is week 3 in our 2 headed general league.  After the failure that was last week I have brought back the AP2 shooting.  Lets take a look at my list.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ork Rumors...

So, the last couple of days I have heard some rumors on new ork models coming down the pipe

Ork Miniatures (alongside the codex)
New Weirdboy
MegaNobs - Tellyportas combo-kit
Grot Gliders - (very odd one, a 40K version of WFB Doomdivers?)
Mega Mork/Gork - (your guess is as good as mine)

Ork Miniatures (outside the codex)
New Buggy - Half-track
Flashgits - Tankbustas plastic combo-kit

Looking at these I am not very excited.  I don't need a new Weirdboy and never play Wazdakka.  I own 6 mega nobs and not sure what the cyborks is... maybe an upgrade kit like the iron hand upgrade kit. The buggy is needed as is the Deffcoptas but I don't need any.

This leaves:
flashgits/tankbusters which would be cool but not a high priority. 
Grot Gliders sounds fun/fluffy
Mega Mork / Gork  O.o  is this going to be a bigger dread along the lines of Mega Dread

These rumors come from BOLS who got them from Stickmonkey who if I remember right is not always acurate.  I would really like to start paying attention to who is the most reliable of the rumormongers.

Oh well, I am still looking for some Tau goodness but I am not holding my breath.

happy hump day.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday blues...

So the weekend is over and another 40k weekend tournament is in the books.  I didn't take photos or kept notes on the games so no battle reports  :( sorry.  I do have some thoughts on the raveners vs genestealer debate and I can can review how I did.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting ready for the weekend!

This weekend is the first weekend of the month which makes it time for Fantasy Books and Games 40K tournament.  I have decided to bring my Tyranids. I have a slight variation on the list I had been using.  lets take a look.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tau Take 2!

We did so well last week that I felt I needed to change it up >_<  lets take a look at my list.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday...

This weekend I painted up some Tau and Termaguants.  I also bought a few Raveners and started to paint them up.  I am trying a new painting method on my Nids. but first here are some pics of my painted tau.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Alpha Strike for the win!!

Last night my Tau and SeeJay87's Tau came ready for battle.  We faced a pure Eldar force with 2 grav tanks (I think a serpent and a falcon) the avatar, a farseer, a wraithlord, 2 squads of direavenger, a squad of fire dragons in one of the tanks, howling banshees in the other, 2 vypers and some guardians, a small unit of dark reapers and finally some snipers infiltrating in the trees off to our right.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New League, New Ally.

So this week at my FLGS, Fantasy Books and Games, we are having a 2-Headed General League.  For the next 5 weeks we will either team up with another person and run 2 1k lists or bring out our split personalities and run a 2k list with a required 2 force org charts.  I was going to bring out the bugs and go solo (like GW gave us any allies anyway)  but my fellow Tau brother SeeJay87 asked if I wanted to join forces.  Even though he commands that traitor Farsight I agreed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Puppets War has some cool stuff!

I was browsing the Puppets War web site today and I noticed they have a bunch of cool stuff. I picked a few to show off just to let you see a sample of what they got and what I am thinking about ordering.

First off,  We have their Elite Cyber Warriors. I think I have showed these before but they are the top of my order list.  They are going to be a good cryptek unit.

Monday, October 22, 2012

More Apoc Pics

 Here are some more Pics from Stu'E Kahn :) enjoy

40k Fun this weekend!

This weekend was a 40K extravaganza.  I had a Rogue Trader Tournament on Sat which I went 1-2 due to a guy claiming not to have read the FAQ and me leaving that FAQ in my car T.T and Sunday was the 15K Apocolypse game where I got to use my Stormsword.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just a quick shout out!

Just a quick update on my IG painting.

With the help of Chosen1 from Team Snake Eyes I have almost all 12 of my IG troopers painted.  all that is left is to paint belts, hoses, and plasma bits.  Then a quick wash and a basing and we are ready to play.  Also I want to quickly paint up my Aegis Defense line.  I have base coated it and all it needs is a heavy dry brush, paint in the details, and a wash and it is done.

So it looks like my army will be ready for Sat's tourney.  I am sorry for all the mold lines and horrible paint jobs that you had to suffer through to help me out Chosen1 but your help is much appreciated.

I will post pics of my full army next week so all can see my crappy paint jobs >_< 

Cya next time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This is going to be a big 40K weekend.

So this weekend I have the Rogue Trader tournament and then the Apoc game on Sunday so this means a ton of dice rolling.  I was going to bring my nids for the tourney but they are no where near to being fully painted so I will bring my guard.  After checking what I have finished I have 12 infantry models to paint to have a fully painted army.  To bad my vendetta is not finished :(

here is the list for Sat.
Company command - 4 plasma guns plasma pistol,1 bodyguard, master of ordnance, chimera

Veterans - 3 Grenade launchers, power weapon, Grenadiers, Chimera
Veterans - 3 Melta guns, plasma pistol, Grenadiers, Chimera
Veterans - 3 Melta guns, plasma pistol, Grenadiers, Chimera

Hellhound Squadron - Bane wolf Pattern

Storm Trooper - 2 melta guns, 1 plasma pistol
Storm Trooper - 2 melta guns, 1 plasma pistol

Executioner Leman Russ - lascannon, camo netting, heavy bolter sponsons 
Executioner Leman Russ - lascannon, camo netting, heavy bolter sponsons 
Leman Russ battle tank - camo netting, heavy bolter

Aegis Defense line

the plan is for the big tanks stay with the defense line getting a 3+ cover save while the troops move out and grab objectives and kill stuff.  With 14 kill points and the age of weak tanks I think I will die but it will be glorious.  With 8 tanks in my deployment zone I think i might be a little crowded but we shall see.

I have not gottne my delivery from GW yet :( so it looks like my stormlord will not have it's main gun  which makes me sad.  oh well something to look forward too for next apoc game.

on the list to paint is

2 sargents
1 commander
3 melta gun vets
4 vets
1 master of ordnance

Tonight is a painting party at my friends house.  hopefully I can make some headway into my list.

Happy humpday all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

almost there...

Just a quick update on my spore pod.  I did some touchup on the blue and did some dry brushing on it.  I think all that is left is some highlighting on the armor plates and a dull coat to take some of the shine off the plates.  take a look.

I am not sure if the league is going to start up again this week or next so I don't have a list yet but I am starting to formulate a 2k list for my nids.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bleh Monday

It is Monday again.  these seems to come every seven days :P  This weekend was filled with some borderlands 2 and Xcom so I didn't do much.  I did start to paint my Mycetic spore.  Check it out!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WIP update!

So this weekend I continued my work on the Mycetic spores for my tyranids.  Here is a couple of new shots

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wow! I want one

was browsing bells today and saw this.

Wow is all I can say.