Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tau tag team week 3

Today is week 3 in our 2 headed general league.  After the failure that was last week I have brought back the AP2 shooting.  Lets take a look at my list.

Shas'el - HW black sun,Iridium Armor, TL plasma, shield gen

6 X fire warrior
6 X fire warrior

4 X Pathfinders - devilfish, disruption pods, flechette, target lock, array, smart missile, black sun

3 X crisis - TW plasma, targeting array, hw black sun
2 X crisis - TW plasma, targeting array

3 X Broadside targeting array

so the idea is that the leader gos with the small group of crisis battle suits. giving me 3 units of AP2 or better using the pathfinders to reduce the cover save of what I shoot.I found that the gun drones on the devilfish did nothing so I decided to try out the SMS. 
This is the second week using the pathfinders. I am not sold on them.  People tell me they are worth it but really for their points I could have some more broadsides or some missile suits. Another weakness of my army is the scoring units are small and weak. hopefully we can spread out and hide these units until they are needed at end of game.

I am still new to the Tau but I know that at least AP3 is needed in my local meta if not AP2. The dice around here are way to good to count on torrent of fire to get the job done.  So we shall see how this works out.

Questions? Comments? Nom, nom noms?