Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ork Rumors...

So, the last couple of days I have heard some rumors on new ork models coming down the pipe

Ork Miniatures (alongside the codex)
New Weirdboy
MegaNobs - Tellyportas combo-kit
Grot Gliders - (very odd one, a 40K version of WFB Doomdivers?)
Mega Mork/Gork - (your guess is as good as mine)

Ork Miniatures (outside the codex)
New Buggy - Half-track
Flashgits - Tankbustas plastic combo-kit

Looking at these I am not very excited.  I don't need a new Weirdboy and never play Wazdakka.  I own 6 mega nobs and not sure what the cyborks is... maybe an upgrade kit like the iron hand upgrade kit. The buggy is needed as is the Deffcoptas but I don't need any.

This leaves:
flashgits/tankbusters which would be cool but not a high priority. 
Grot Gliders sounds fun/fluffy
Mega Mork / Gork  O.o  is this going to be a bigger dread along the lines of Mega Dread

These rumors come from BOLS who got them from Stickmonkey who if I remember right is not always acurate.  I would really like to start paying attention to who is the most reliable of the rumormongers.

Oh well, I am still looking for some Tau goodness but I am not holding my breath.

happy hump day.