Friday, August 31, 2012

Tau Bliznets List

So this weekend Fantasy Books and Games have their monthly 40k tourney. I have been asked to be the ringer and have agreed.  Here is the list I will bring.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For the Greater Good.

 Some time in September my Favorite Local Game Store is going to have a bazaar where we can sell our old miniatures and other gaming items to the public and get store credit.  One of my friends was going to sell of his Tau collection as either a full set or piecemeal if necessary.  Seeing that I have been wanting a tau force I asked him how much he was going to sell it for.  After a bit of haggling (really not much) I became a owner of a full Tau army.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Taking a closer look.

Last night I played against Chambers with my ork list.  After this second look I think I need to get rid of the Kans.  They look cool but with 2 hull points and AV 11 thay go down pretty quickly.  The 2 turns they did get to fire they completely wiffed. So,  I have decided to throw in a Ageis Defense line for my Orks to hide behind.  A 4+ coversave would have been awesome last night.

My planes did a good job of killing stuff.  And when they were not killing stuff they were drawing a ton of fire.  They are definitely a keeper.

The last thing that didn't do well was the warphead.  I am going to leave him in for another couple of games before pulling him for something more effective.  So far he has hurt himself 2 times and shot a lance once.  Not that effective.

That's all for today. Have a good weekend.

Questions, Comments, Nom nom noms?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

first impression of my list,

I got a game in the other day using my newest list (found HERE) I played against a Grey Knight list that looked something like this

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Planes, Bikes and a BattleWagon,

I have developped a list to use over the next few months. I plan on keeping this list as static as possible to make sure I get a good sense of what works and what doesn't.  Let's look at the list


Warboss on Bike


20 shootas -  2 big shootas, nob with armor and klaw
20 shootas -  2 big shootas, nob with armor and klaw
20 shootas -  2 big shootas, nob with armor and klaw
5 Nobs on bikes, painboy, waagh banner, 2 klaws cyborks

Dakkajet, 3 supa-shoota, fighter ace
Dakkajet, 3 supa-shoota, fighter ace

15 lootas

Battlewagon - big shoota, rolla, armor
3Kans - rokkits

Sure this is only 88 models but it has a small green tide, some cool bikes,  2 cool jets, some light armor killers with the lootas, and a psyker that gets to reroll his power if he doesn't like what he gets.

To be honest he is there to try to get a free Waaagh when the planes are around.  their 9 shots get bumped to 18 shots and with the fighter ace upgrade it is like it is a got piloting that plane.  (would be a cool converstion for the more talented builders out there.

The bikes are a bit tougher now.  We still have to watch out for S10 hits but there is not a lot of that around.  Hopefully my planes can shoot down the necron flyer before it hits with it's big attack.... that thing scares me.

Hte only thing that realy doesn't work for me right now are the Kans.  with only 3 shots at 24" hitting on 4's  they are not going to be doing a whole bunch.  I am not sure what else to use those 150 points for though.  I thought maybe an ageis defense line with autocannon but that would leave me with 50 points to spare... I will have to think it over before I lock in my decision.

I will leave you sith some pics of my Dakkajet and lootas that I worked on this weekend.  Enjoy.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Forge World Necrons!

If you haven't heard there are some new forge world necrons out there. Check it out : achanthrites

From what I can tell they are do everything I wanted the Praetorian to do.  with 3 wounds, a melta gun, a void blade, and toughness 5 I can't see why you would ever take the Praetorian.  The only thing they lack is Reanimation protocols.

over all a nice addition.  I think I will be geting me 9 of them so I can have 1 full squad >_<

last update of the day.  I promise.

Up next, Orks!!

The last few weeks I have been playing my IG army.  The Vendetta is a good distraction and can do some damage. The one thing I have trouble with is landraiders.  (then again who doesn't) I still get the crappy rolls when I try to gun it down with my meltavets.  (Sigh me and the damage chart don't agree) Last night I made the same mistake I always do... move to far forward.  I need to hang back some more and fire more long range shots.

Which brings me to my next opinion.  The executioner Tank will have to be put away/converted into another tank.   I do more harm to myself than I do to others.  the last 3 games I have got hot shooting the main weapon.  I think I will drop the Ex and a Chimera and pick up another hell hound and another Vendetta.  this way I can have 2 guys flying around shooting blasting stuff while I have 2 burn-inators  running around causing havoc...

I will also drop the demo vets for grenade vets to get my 4+ back.  My last few games showed me how much that +1 save matters.  stupid AP5 bolters :)

Enough rambling about IG, like the title says, Orks are next!!  My new plan is to get a good solid 2 months with the boys.  I Now have a second plane and I think I want to change up the other one.  This will give me 2 Dakka Jets zooming around the board.  I also want to try out some Nob Bikers.  They are all the rage (>_< if you belive the interwebs) Last but not least, I want to try a weird boy.  Come on extra Waaagggghhhh.   It is funny that before 6th you saved your Waaaagh for that crucial charge, but now you use it for the extra Dakka!

I know I will not be bringing 30 boys any more. A mob that size is just to unwieldy. I think 20 boys will be good. I have to also weigh the pros an cons of bunching up.  If I bunch up then blast will love me but if I go for max spread and get charged I have a good chance of being out of the fight making me that much more vulnerable.  All things to try to figure out over the next few months.  Next week I will have my first list and maybe a summary of a game played with that list.

Either way it should be fun.   Orks always are.... unless you play against a certain ork player... no names but some of you know who I am talking about!

questions? comments? nom nom noms?