Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Showcase: Termagant

After painting up my Kastelan I thought I would take a break and paint up some termagants.  It seams like they are never all painted.

While these pictures are of them before they are based I have based them and they are waiting for a dry warm day to get their final sealing coat.

I decided to try out the new technique of a thin dark line under the carapace.  I think this helps show the definition of each plate while not looking to out of place.

Here you can see them side by side.  The old style on the left and new on the right.

Again the old style are in the top row while the new ones are on the bottom.  I think, at a distance it gives them a little more pop. This style is growing on me with in the long run means a lot of work.  I will have to go back and do this for all of my bugs to keep them looking similar.  What have I done?

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?