Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Sulphurhounds Complete

This weekend I put the finishing touches on my Sulphurhounds. I love the looks of these guys and want 3 more so I have a full squad if I want them.  For now though, I am happy with my six.

First up are three standard hounds with two pistols each.  I had two more to finish to go with my test model that I finished a few posts ago. I love the dynamic poses of these models but I am worried of them snaping off the base.  I need to be careful with them.

After the standard models, I worked on the special weapons of the squad, the Phospher blast carbine.

They are pretty pricey. They cost almost as much as another hound but they gain and extra strength as well as well as 2 more shots.  The only bad thing is the gun can't be used in combat like the pistols can.  on the bright side they do keep one of their pistols if they are are ever caught up in combat.

Last up we have the Alpha.  He doesn't have any options and can only have s power maul and a phospher blast pistol.

The blast pistol is strength 5 verses the standard strength 4 of the phospher pistol.  The power maul is strength +2 and AP -1 over the standard strength +1 and no AP.  The  only downside is if I use the maul I will lose 2 attacks since the claws make every attack two attacks.  I think it is a fair trade to get some AP and more strength.

To make the Alpha stand out I gave him a light grey hat.  I just couldn't give him a white hat since there are no good guys in 40k.

Like I said earlier, I want to get another box to complete the squad but for now these guys are ready for fun.  We are inching closer to the release of the  new necrons.  I am hoping to finish my pteraxii and more of my Sisters before the avalanche of robots comes. We will see what I can do.  Stay safe out there.
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