Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Genestealer Achilles Ridgerunner

The hobby butterfly has visited me and it landed on one of my Genestealer Achilles Ridgerunners. I actually had this model mostly painted, so I went for a quick win and decided to finish it.

When looking at the load out, I went with the flare launcher instead of the spotter or survey auger. I thought the extra chance for survival would be better than ignoring cover or having a longer range gun.  The mining laser has 36" with AP 3 so the other options would help but not as much as staying alive a bit longer.

speaking of the mining laser I went with the popular choiceLike most people I also went with the mining laser. I could go with the mortal but I would just do heavy weapon teams which would be easier to hide.  Lascannons teams might be a subsitution but I like the mobility and the durability for similar cost.

There you have it.  Another vechicle off of my to do list.  There are still several to work off like the Fire Raptor, two Exorcist, a couple Trukks, an Immolator, a Rhino, another Ridgerunner and many more that are not coming to mind just now.  But if I keep going one day they will all be painted.

Have a good one.

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