Monday, July 2, 2018

WIP: Morathi

This weekend I had some time to build both the chibi Morathi and the monster Morathi over a couple of days. 

The smaller version went together without much of a hitch. I was concerned with the where the legs connected with the body but they fell into place without any problem. The hardest part was getting her to stay on the steps with plastic glue.  I ended using super glue. This is not exactly bad but a little weaker in the long run.

Monster Morathi was a bit different.  After assembly, I ended with a gap in the front on the snake body. I had heard of others having this issue. while I was assembling her, I thought I had caught the problem, only to see it come back later on in the build.  I expect some green stuff can fill the gap but I am disappointed I couldn't catch it in the assembly.

There is another gap on the dress in the back. I find when connecting two halves of a smooth piece you tend to see a crack. This is such a crack. In all the models I have done I have never found a way to completely remove these cracks.  A little green stuff and some fine sanding will help fix this problem.

With the build nearing completion I can start looking towards painting these lovely models.  I will need to watch some videos on wet blending.  I want to try some out on the wings. IF you know of any good suggestions that don't use an airbrush I am all ears.

Have a great week.

Questions? comments? Hisssss!