Monday, April 17, 2017

My trip to MiniWarGaming

Last week I packed up 4 armies and headed up to Niagara Falls to meet with the boys over at MiniWarGaming.  Ever since I became a vault member of MiniWarGaming, I have wanted to head up there and challenge them to a battle.  I was excited and looking forward to a few days of 40k Fun.  They did not disappoint.

My first game was against Steve.  He had promised a dad he met at Adepticon that he would play a game of Ultra Marines in honor of his child.  It was cool to be part of this tribute.  I was worried that I would be facing Guliman and a bunch of Grav guns but the list Steve brought was very friendly.  I had a blast playing my Tyranids against the Mountain.

My second game was against Dave.  I gave him the option to play against my Orks, Genestealers Cult(GSC), or Ad Mech.  He quickly picked my Orks.  Dave wanted to do a fluffy list based on the Captain Karlaen’s Angelic Strike force.  We sat down and looked at the picture in the book and tried to match what he fielded to what was in that Chapter.  He had three squads of terminators and a squad of Sanguinary Guard That is a lot of 2+ armor to chew through.

Dave also loves the Narrative and so we went through the book trying to match up a game with one of the battles chronicled in the book. After some time we found a scenario that was close and then added a bit of fluff of our own.  With this Warboss MoonSmasha was born… or was it MoonCrusha…  LOL

This game was a lot of fun.  The story added an extra bit of fun.  Dave was a great opponent and a blast to play against.

On my last day, I played Josh.  By now I only had the Ad Mech and the GSC.  He chose the GSC because my 1850 point list of Ad Mech had my Knight Acheron in it. I did have a 1500 point list without it but he still chose the stealers. This made me happy since I had worked so hard to get them ready before my trip.

The night before the game, Josh asked me how many flamers would I consider too many?  He kept pointing out that he could take groups of chosen all equipped with flamers.  He also suggested multiple helldrakes could make an appearance. I was worried that the game might be over before it begins.

When I got there the next day, I was relieved when I arrived when he only had 2 squads of tactical marines with 2 flamers each.  He had a couple of swiss army knife terminator squads, a daemon prince, some havoks, and a group of raptors.  We talked about the relic that gave his prince a 2+ re-rollable armor save. I really didn’t want to face that so he brought an orb that gave him rerolling ones on armor saves, to hit, and to wound rolls.  All I knew was to keep away from that prince.

While I am starting to sound like a broken record, this game was fun.  The guys there really know how to keep the game fun while filming. Josh gets a bad rap from the internet (and from Steve) for being a net lister.  He is nothing of the sort.  Sure he can play some mean lists but he talks to his opponents to make sure they are comfortable with what they bring.

He gave me a choice on who I wanted to play.  He warned me that his Ad Mech was doing really well so we decided on the Night Lords. I think it is just the negativity of the internet.  Most people who think the list is fair or nice are not going to say anything but those who are upset generally are the ones who post.  It is like those restaurant surveys.  Rarely do people who have good experiences fill those out but if they forgot your cheese watch out!

Come to think of it all of the guys there made sure I thought it would be a good game before we started rolling dice.  Dave took out a second squad of guard since I was afraid of all the 2+ armor.  Steve didn’t bring the grave centurions or grave devastators like most marine lists do.  While I don’t think they did, I worry they dumbed down their list to give me a chance.  I just hope they had as much fun as I did.

Overall, my time there was awesome.  The guys were cool and the studios, armies, and  terrain were beautiful.  Adam from Green Leaf does an awesome job making their terrain and Lee does wonders on the minis. If I ever have the chance to go back, I will. It was Awesome!

Questions? Comments? Happy wargaming!