Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WIP: Rapid Vanguard Bunker

Last night I continued to work on The Great Terrain Project.  Tonight I worked on one of the bunkers.
Like the other pieces, once it is built there is a set of thin detail parts to add to give the piece depth. I have added some of these to the top of this piece. This extra touch makes a world of difference.

 After building a few pieces, my biggest complaint is sometimes it is hard to line up the pieces just right. If we look at this kit, each pylon is at least 3 pieces that are just glued side by side.  I kept trying to straighten them out but there was no real way to lock them into position.  

Also looking at the walls they fit in the roof nicely but there is nothing holding the bottom in place. It looks like the notch on the pylons are supposed to hold the wall in but no amount of wood glue kept those locked in.  I will probably try some hot glue hoping that it sets fast enough to keep it there.

I still love the terrain.  Once finished it will look great.  The pillbox went together great and with a roof and floor I didn't have the same issues I did with the bunker. I still have 3 other types of buildings to try out.  We will see how they turn out after I finish this one.

Questions? Comments? Hobby times?