Thursday, November 17, 2016

TGTP2016: Rapid Vanguard Barracks

As predicted I started work on the barracks kit last night.  I got the basic building assembled and it is ready for the card details.

The assembly of this kit was a lot easier than the bunker.  The walls are all reinforcing each other and the caps on the end hold everything in place. This gives me high hopes for the HQ and Foundry kits.

This building is bigger than I thought. It will give line of site blocking to most things in the game save for a few models like a knight or flying hive tyrant.

The one problem I have seen with this kit is the doors.  Looking at the instructions, I am to mount the punch out from the end walls to a thin detail card.  Then, I mount that onto the inside of the end piece.  I am not sure I like the idea of the only thing holding the door on is the thin detail card.   I believe I will be re-enforcing the doors with some extra sprue pieces so my mind is at ease.

Next up will be the detail cards for this piece.  After that I will only have two new kits left and five repeats.  We are moving right along.  With luck I will have the rest built and some painted before the end of the year.

Questions? Comments? Hobby times?