Wednesday, November 16, 2016

TGTP2016: Rapid Vanguard Bunker

Last night I had some time to work on TGTP2016 (The Great Terrain Project of 2016 last time I write that out).  I finished up the bunker and worked on the cannon turret.

I filled the corners of the bunker with hot glue. This shored up the walls and it feels much more sturdy.

I then proceeded to add on all the detail cards.

I am still working on the technique on adding these cards. Some times I think I have enough glue but then they start to peel back or lift up. I figure by the end of the project I will be an expert.

I again had some issues with the acrylic rods on the turret. you can see where instead of sliding on the rod the mdf caught and tore the rods.

You can see the card lifting off the top.

I hope a little glue and paint with hind this or at least make it look like wear and tear.

The end of this barrel is torn.
Over all, I am still happy with the terrain.  I think with some paint these are going to look nice.  I have assembled all the gun turrets now, the dragon teeth, a pill box, and a bunker. I have 4 pill boxes, a bunker, a barracks, a HQ, and a Foundry left to build.  I think I will try the Barracks next.

Let me know what you think or suggest different techniques for me to try when assembling these kits.

Questions, Comments, Hobby times?