Sunday, August 3, 2014

WIP: Heavy Weapon teams big mek on bike primed

This weekend I went to a local game store.  They don't have any gaming room but they do sell second hand models. In this bargain bin I found a set of cadin heavy weapon teams (HWT) still on the sprue and another model that I think is a priest.  I got all this for $15.

I took the HWT and made a missile team and a lascannon team.  I only had 2 of each so with this  purchase I now have 5.  This plenty to field which ever one I need.

Yes they are headless.  I ran out of the helmets I use on these guys so I need to get some more. It will bring their price up a little bit. I get 20 for $10 so $.50 each will bring up the price to $18.00.  Much better than the $40 for 3 when they are brand new.

I also primed my big mek.  He doesn't look all cobbled together now.

Next up will me painting him up.  If I have time this week I will try to do that.

Hope you had a good weekend.  Hope this week is better.

Questions? Comments? Pew Pew Pews?