Monday, April 15, 2013

Taking the plunge!

After talking to my bud,  apparently he was partially joking and while he would like some of the army back he is not looking to do a wholesale buy back so it looks like I am sticking with the fish!

My first purchase is the codex and a Cadre Fireblade.  Since I hate that in the future, a sign of a leader is not wearing a helmet, I have adjusted my model to have a helmet.   Besides that I only had one real gripe with the model and that is no options for the upraised hand.  Tau have no reason for a knife except to cut their steaks.  That my good sir is no steak knife.

I did get a quick read through of the book.  As usual I skipped the fluff since I like these guys because they look cool and went straight for the units.  

Today I will go over first impressions and what I am going to have to change to be up to date with my army.  First is no more targeting array for my suits making the twin linked weapons a necessity. Since this opens a hard point will have to decide what to add if anything to my suits. I am leaning towards a missile pod or fusion blaster.

The 2 commander list is not an auto decision now that we have some other choices.  Now that Shadowsun can join squads I might just start using her as well as the fireblade.  I am on the fence with the etherals though. I am not sure any of those buffs are worth losing the HQ slot.

It is nice that the sniper team has sniper rifles now.  I am sad that they are no longer AP1 but over all I think the change is ok.  This at least gives us some different choices. Before it was take a sniper team or take pathfinder with rail rifles, both choices gave you 3 rail shots. While the pathfinders gave you markerlights as well, they also made you pay for a devilfish making them even more expensive.

I am also now seriously looking at getting some Kroot. A huge squad of snipers might be what I need.  Just imagine 20 sniper shots that do percision on 6's to hit and then wounding on 4's and rending on 6's to wound.  All just for a cheap prices.  Plus they are troops.  I might try to get a buddy to let me proxy some orks as these guys and see what they can do. 

I guess that is enough for now.  Big week this weekend. My first ever Con.  I decided to do the friendly at adepticon to avoid the extreme pressure of a grand tournament.  I want to get some video of the day so I might try to borrow my brothers flip video for the weekend.  Either way I will have some thoughts and post about the time I had there. until next time...

Questions? comments? Pew pew pews?